The #1 Tool You Can Use to Lose Weight

Did you know that the most important tool you have when it comes to changing behavior or habits is your thinking?

Your thoughts create your feelings (all the feelings you try to avoid).

Your habitual thoughts create your cravings and over desire for food.

Your feelings and cravings cause you to overeat.

If you want to permanently change your desire to overeat, you have to become aware of what you are currently thinking and then change your thinking to thoughts that reduce desire and urges.

For example, if you think you deserve to eat dessert everyday because eating desserts is normal, this will give you the desire to eat sweets.

You may not even realize you have this thought as a part of your larger mindset about “normal eating”.

This is where the “diets” fail.

Diets do not take in account your thoughts and beliefs that you have around food.

Those thoughts and beliefs are what keep you in the same pattern of overeating and over desiring food.

The same pattern that keeps you in the losing weight and gaining the weight back cycle.

Our brains are the most important tool we have!

As a coach I help my clients become aware of the thoughts and beliefs they have around food and losing weight.

That’s when they began to see permanent results!

If you’d like to see how that works, please schedule a free mini-session with me!

I’d love to help you!

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