You Deserve to Feel in Control Around Food
and Comfortable in Your Body.

Diets and restriction create feelings of deprivation and can lead to overeating the foods you restrict or eliminate.

Instead you can learn how to eat the foods you love and enjoy and still lose weight.

What most women don’t realize is that our culture makes it appear that the perfect diet is just out of reach.

That if we keep searching we’ll find it and finally lose the weight, be happy, and go on with our lives.

But getting “there” never seems to happen. And that’s because we don’t realize that the one thing we may have to change what we believe about ourselves, our bodies, and foods we eat.

If you believe you will always fail at eating healthy, you will.

If you believe you will always struggle with your weight, you will.

If you believe losing weight is hard, it will always feel hard.

If you believe food is the problem, it will always seem that way.

Finding YOUR healthy weight requires you to do things differently.

It requires you to become aware of your patterns and habits around food and things you say to yourself.

Then you can begin to make changes. Changes that will result in permanent sustainable weight loss and a better relationship with food!

I’m here to tell you that

it is possible...

 To enjoy meals out without the desire to overeat.

To be around food without the fear that you’ll eat too much. 

To step away from food if you’re not hungry.

To stop eating when you feel full.

All this is possible.

And it starts with dropping the belief that you have to go on another diet.

Or that you don’t have enough willpower.
Or that you can never change.
Or that you can’t control your cravings.

You can. I’ll show you HOW.



My Story

Wondering how I got here?

Well I used to be just like you.

I used to be somebody who...

Would overeat just because I was bored, depressed or just because the food was there!  Constantly obsessed about how much I weighed.Thought about food all the time or worried about what I just ate. Always had negative thoughts about my body or how I looked in my clothes. Felt defeated when the diet didn’t work or the results didn’t last. 

The thing that woke me up?

My Health.

A autoimmune disease brought on by inflammation in the body. And then Menopause!

Because of that I had gained an extra 30 pounds. 

So I decided to change the way I was eating .

Through coaching, I learned how to stop the cravings and desire to overeat.

I  learned how to listen to my body, and pay attention to when I was hungry and full.

I started to choose foods that gave my body the nutrients it needed to heal itself.

I finally started to lose the weight.


I decided I wanted to help other women who feel stuck in their own weight loss journey.

I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach. I studied various diets and learned to apply a holistic approach to health and wellness.

It's there that I learned how to teach others how to have a holistic approach to health and weight loss.

And I didn’t stop there!

I enrolled in the Life Coach School and became a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach.

It’s there that I learned the role that mindset plays in all the results we have in ours lives, especially when it comes to weight loss.

As a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, I am devoted to empowering you to find your healthy weight.

This is what I am most passionate about.

Today I work with women to help them lose weight and feel amazing in their bodies!