I help women in menopause and beyond

Lose weight for the last time.

I'll teach you how to lose weight without feeling deprived.

I do this by helping you uncover the connection between your brain and the food you eat.

Not by finding the "magical" diet.
Because diets are a quick fix and don't solve the problem of WHY you overeat.

5 Quick Steps to

Losing Weight in Menopause and Beyond

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Hey Friend! I’m Donna Meade

Women’s Weight Loss Coach

You’re likely here because you’re tired of looking at your favorite clothes hanging in the closet and not being able to fit in any of them.

You’ve been dieting most of your life and nothing has worked long-term.

You want to stop mindlessly eating because you’re bored or tired. 

You’re tired of thinking about food all of time.

You want mental freedom from the constant struggle with your weight.

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How I Can Support You

Start Shifting Your Mindset

Through my private coaching program, you’ll learn how to stop overeating, and how to eliminate food cravings.

You’ll begin to tune into your body so you can know what it needs, and you’ll become aware of the thoughts that sabotage all your all your efforts!