stop overeating for good.

It’s possible to break the habit you have of overeating.

Right here. Right now.

Not by finding the "magical" diet.
Because diets are a quick fix and don't solve the problem of WHY you overeat.

5 Key Steps to

Breaking the Diet Cycle and Feeling Thin in Your Skin

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Hey Friend! I’m Donna Meade

Women’s Weight Loss Coach

You’re likely here because you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable in your body and your clothes.

You’ve been dieting most of your life and nothing has worked long-term.

Well you’re in the right place because this is where the freedom from overeating begins!

The results? You will break the habit of overeating. You will lose weight. You will learn how to be around food and not overeat it.

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How I Can Support You

Start Shifting Your Mindset

Through my private coaching program, you’ll learn how to stop overeating, and how to eliminate food cravings.

You’ll begin to tune into your body so you can know what it needs, and you’ll become aware of the thoughts that sabotage your all your efforts!