Empowering You to Feel Confident in Your Skin

At 50 and Beyond

It’s possible to love the body you are in.

Right here. Right now.

Not by finding the “magical” diet or “life-changing” exercise routine. But through something you’ve likely never considered: changing the way you think about yourself and the food you eat.

This is where you discover why your mindset is key to achieving your health goals AND learn how to integrate them ASAP.

5 Key Steps to

Breaking the Diet Cycle and Feeling Thin in Your Skin

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Hey Friend! I’m Donna Meade

Women’s Wellness Coach

You’re likely here because you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable in your body— You’ve literally done it all – the diets, the workouts, the pills, the elixirs, and the secret tricks you probably won’t even tell your best friend. And nothing has worked long-term. Well, you’re in the right place because this is where the battle– the constant need to fix yourself– ends and your freedom begins.

I specialize in guiding women through a process that will empower you to take inventory of how your beliefs and inner dialogue influence your behavior and begin transforming them from the inside out. 

The results? Losing excess weight. Breaking the cycle of emotional eating. Forgetting about counting calories. Just simply being in tune with what your body needs to thrive.

Kind Words

How I Can Support You

Start Shifting Your Mindset

Through my private coaching program, you’ll learn HOW to recognize and process your emotions so you can stop overeating, tune into your body so you can know what it needs, and become aware of  your thoughts so that you can stop sabotaging your efforts.