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Make Peace with Food & Your Body

You’re probably thinking this can’t be true.

That constant cycle of eliminating, restricting, going back and forth between these different ways of eating.
While sometimes following certain diet rules may have worked for you and resulted in weight loss– they are always short lived.

Why is that? Why haven’t you found the answer that actually lasts?

You wonder...

Is there something wrong with me?
Do I not have the willpower?
Why can’t I master this one thing in my life?

And because you feel like this is such a loose end that you haven’t been able to tie up, you have so much stress around eating. You look in the mirror and honestly aren’t happy what you see. You feel disappointed that you’ve let the weight creep up to a point where you’re feeling uncomfortable in your clothes and your body.

And you can’t help feeling deeply frustrated that you’ve put time, energy, and money into being more fit, more healthy, and nothing has seemed to work.

I can so relate. I too used to feel just like you.

But then I realized that there was a powerful missing piece that no diet book or health guru taught me.

My mindset.

It took me so long to realize that my thoughts and beliefs were actually creating the results in my life.

They were the very thing that made me believe I needed to count calories or that I lacked willpower or that I would never be able to lose weight.

So, instead of doing what I’d always done, I decided to make a plan so I could nourish my body with what it needs to thrive. I started to tune into the cues of my body to know when and when not to eat. 

This shift– this kinder approach– resulted in something I never expected: weight loss and a better understanding of myself.

For the first time in a long time I felt...

  • More confident and comfortable in my own skin, not just in my clothes
  • A sense of clarity about how to deal with negative emotions and thought patterns that kept me stuck
  • An understanding of what it means to eat in an intuitive way

Today, I don’t count calories anymore, I don’t obsess over weight.

I naturally weigh what I feel the best at. I completely shifted the way I think about food and my body. 

And I feel amazing.

Now I’m on a mission to teach you everything I know.

My Signature Coaching Program

Just 90 Days to Feeling Thinner, Healthier and More Beautiful in Your Skin.

This program is for you if you want to:

Stop the cycle of dieting, overeating, counting calories, and constantly obsessing about food.

Lose weight and stop the constant cravings.

Be satisfied with your eating experience so you’re not chasing after food all day.

Change the negative dialogue you have with yourself. 

Look and feel healthier than you’ve ever before.

Learn how to truly care for yourself and feel like you are enough.

My approach is rooted in something that is counterintuitive to the diet culture of today.

Which is why it works.


My signature coaching program is designed to help you make permanent and lasting changes to your life.

Through coaching you will begin to build awareness around the thoughts and beliefs you have about food and yourself.

In our sessions:

 You will learn how your hormones play a role in your ability or inability to lose weight. 

You will begin to learn and understand why its important to process our negative emotions. 

How intermittent fasting can help with weight loss.

Why it feels like we are eating against our own will.

And so much more!

You will receive two private 60-minute coaching sessions per month (for a total of 6 sessions). 

These sessions are done over the phone or through video conferencing. You never have to leave your home!

I will be available to support you throughout the process!


You will stop the on and off cycle of dieting, overeating, and counting calories.

Know how to tune in and listen to  your body and its wisdom when it comes to food.

Become aware and begin to change the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from making lasting changes.

Have a better and more peaceful relationship with food.

Have more love and acceptance of yourself.

Have a better understanding of how your brain works and how to coach yourself through any of life’s situations.

Have more confidence in yourself.

Kind Words

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