How to keep going when you want to quit!

How often do you start things such as a diet or an exercise routine, then after a few weeks, if you aren’t seeing results, you want to quit?

It’s so common. 

Our primal brain doesn’t like it when we try new things. 

It likes us to stay comfortable and exert as little energy as possible. 

When you try something new the primal brain will always give you reasons why its a bad idea.

That’s why it’s so hard to stick to something new. 

Even when we know it’s good for us!

In order to overcome the obstacles your primal brain gives you, you will have use your “thinking brain” or prefrontal cortex. 

Here are a few ways you can do that:

When you decide you want to start something go all in. 

Don’t say; “I’ll try”.

When you say “I’ll give it a try and see if it works” you are quitting before you even start.

(Your primal brain says “it’s not going to work!”)

It’s one way of sabotaging yourself and your goals. 

Have a very strong WHY

The reason you need a strong WHY is because you will use it to say NO to what your primal brain wants you to do (which is quit).

For example, say you decide you’re going to take a walk every evening after work. Around the third day you come home from work and you feel exhausted. 

Your primal brain will begin to give you all the reasons why you shouldn’t take a walk. 

“It’s too cold”. “It’s too hot”. “I’m so tired”. “I’m hungry”. 

You know what I’m talking about!

So before you begin  a new routine such as taking a walk every day, decide why it is important to you. 

WHY do I want to start walking everyday? What am I hoping to gain from doing this? 

List your reasons and then when you are in the moment of deciding if you “feel” like doing it you can refer to your WHY and then follow through with your plan. 

Just make sure its a very strong WHY for you!

Starting something new is easy.

Sticking with it is hard. 

BUT it doesn’t have to be! 

As a coach I look at your thoughts and I’m able to help you see why you’re sabotaging your goals.

What may seem hard, really isn’t with a coach by your side!

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