Fall Favorites and Catching Up

Hi Friends!

Happy Fall!

It’s been a summery start to Fall this year. 90 degrees in Cincinnati this week! Honestly, I don’t love the heat but I know that winter is just around the corner. I’m enjoying the fact that I can still wear my flip flops to the grocery store and step outside without a coat on.

Life has been a bit crazy but it’s all good! Being in school has been challenging for me. But I love it and know it will be worth it!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite fall favorites with you today as well. Even though it’s hot out I am still making meat loaf and soup this week. I just can’t help it!

THIS meatloaf is everything. It has so much flavor and a bit of a kick with the added cayenne pepper. I love the barbecue flavor and the cheese in the middle. You must try it. Super easy to make and very moist.

These Apple Pancakes are also amazing! They are gluten free (if you use gluten free oats) and the apple topping makes them perfect. They are super easy to make as well. Even if you aren’t “gluten free” you will love them! I promise!

For all you smoothie lovers out there I found a protein powder that I love. It’s plant based, so no dairy. It has nothing but whole food ingredients. No gums or thickeners, no gluten, just lots of flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness. I use both the Chocolate Maca and the Vanilla Lucuma.

Because I have an autoimmune disease, most of the time I am very careful about I eat. I eat lots of salads with meals and as a meal. This article shares how easy it is to boost your meals with anti-inflammatory ingredients that you probably have on hand.

Going back to school has proven to be a challenge, but I’m learning to love a good challenge! I found myself thinking “if only I would have done this 10 years ago”. But, I decided that thought is not serving me and I needed a new thought to think. My new thought is “Everything happens right on time“.

What if we believed that everything is as it should be or it was meant to happen this way? Maybe we would have less regrets and less pain. Maybe we wouldn’t worry and fret that our plan didn’t work as we wanted it too. Maybe we would take life one day at time and know that we are where we should be right now, in this moment. Maybe we could be present with what is and know that our purpose is the life we are living now.

And if you missed it here is the link to your copy of my Hunger/Fullness scale! If you’re ready to begin your weight loss journey check out this tool.

Have a great weekend! I hope you know that YOU my friend are amazing! xoxo

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